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Troubled Program Diagnostics & Technology Assessments

IT investment can be large and is a key success factor in an organization’s plans. Frequent articles reinforce the reality that a large percentage of these projects tend to be late, over budget, and lacking in promised or needed features. As projects hit rough patches, a fresh set of eyes can be helpful in understanding the situation.

When new or unproven technology is associated with a project, technology assessments are often critical additions. These assessments provide another perspective on the overall project. Technology assessment can be done in conjunction with a project review or as a separate service.

Puffin Advisors works constructively to understand current “as is” state and develop a comprehensive and timely understanding of a project’s status. We do not focus on the “who” element, the blame game, or witch-hunting is not our mission or interest. Our goal is what happened and why it produced the present state.

As needed, an assessment of the underlying technology, development partners, schedules, and budgets can be conducted. Once the pieces are assembled, we brief the clients on our assessment. The presentation includes our recommendations for any necessary corrective actions. We always work with the development team to “right the ship” and advance the program.

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