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Sourcing Advisory Service (insourcing, outsourcing, and offshoring)

Sourcing considerations are a critical element for all IT organizations. Contrary to popular belief, strategic sourcing decisions should not focus soley on employee cost. Drivers such as organizational effectiveness should take precedent. Key considerations can include the organization’s ability to attract and retain people with the right skillsets, timely access to experts, global operating needs, agility, and of course, overall cost. Underpinning any effort is the organization’s own philosophy and culture.

When all these considerations are understood, planning can proceed. In many cases, four key points are addressed. They include:

  • Shared service organizations
  • Sourcing direction: insource or outsourcing
  • Offshoring
  • Provider integration

Finding the right balance for an organization’s unique needs is the key. Regardless of the path taken, the resulting organizational design needs to be carefully planned. Governing processes and enabling technology necessary to support a new organization must be designed concurrently. This point applies equally for insourced and outsourced solutions. Factors including large organizations or ones which have a separation between the demand and supply groups all emphasize the need for solid processes and technology.

Provider integration focuses on leveraging partners and the added value they can contribute. The old model of service subcontractors is nearly gone. Presently, the focus is on creating more integrated service delivery solutions that leverage every organization’s best practices.

Puffin Advisors offers the experience and knowledge to help organizations identify the best options for their needs. More importantly, Puffin Advisors can help you achieve your goal from initial concept to final organization build out. We also review existing arrangements and identify improvement opportunities.

Contact Puffin Advisors today and let us help your IT organization fly to the right target. Learn how we would approach your unique situation and make lasting and positive impacts. To learn about our other services, please click here.

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