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IT Portfolio Management

IT portfolio management is a critical competency for all IT organizations. Portfolio management has direct impacts on cost, service, and most importantly, meeting customer expectations.

In striving for a balanced portfolio, our approach classifies investments in three major categories:

  • Essential (keep the lights on)
  • Strategic (competitive advantage)
  • High-Potential (seed money)

Business & IT leaders need to work together to determine the appropriate proportion of total resources that should be allocated to each class of activities during each planning cycle.

Activity Classification Framework

For the next step, a range of processes can be applied to yield investment recommendations in priority order. Regardless of the process utilized, business ownership is key.

One way of establish and maintain engagement is by establishing “System Owners.” These are typically senior personnel who are responsible for a strategic processes enabled by the associated system. System Owners are, in effect, stewards who guide and ensure the proper level of attention and investment in their supporting systems. System Owners are an essential element in creating portfolios reflective the organization’s technology needs.

Should IT require additional resources, ready advocates, in the form of System Owners, are already embedded within the business to support or drive this request.

At Puffin Advisors our team takes a proven and practical approach to creating a vibrant and effective portfolio management process to meet your specific needs.

Contact Puffin Advisors today and let us help your IT organization fly to the right target. Learn how we would approach your unique situation and make lasting and positive impacts. To learn about our other services, please click here.

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