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Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Planning and Integration

Puffin Advisors helps organizations across the lifecycle of Merger and Acquisition (M&A) activities. IT considerations have significant impacts on costs, risks, and schedules of M&A programs. Whether you are a private equity firm evaluating an investment or a business considering a merger, Puffin Advisors can provide critical insights into the IT dimension. Our efforts reduce risk and improve M&A outcomes.

Most organizations have a high reliance on their information technology capabilities. So it should come as no surprise that IT should be a critical, if not central, element in M&A efforts. From initial due diligence activities through integration planning and execution, organizations rely on essential services provided by IT that both enable and support their overall efforts.

The January 2011 issue of the McKinsey quarterly recognized this fact in an article titled “Understanding the Strategic Value of IT in M&A.” The article asserts that a well-planned strategy for IT integration is an essential element. Early IT involvement allows for more effective consideration of technology related issues in the area of compliance, intellectual property (IP), core operations, and technology alignment – factors which can have enormous impacts on cost, value and timeline of any M&A.

Strategic IT involvement in M&A is key to establishing reasonable expectations for stakeholders from both a financial and timeline perspective. These benefits apply to the broader business as much to the IT organization.

Building on this involvement, IT can then develop integrated plans focusing on the needs rationalization, consolidation, standardization, and sourcing. These four points are an essential element in an IT integration plan.

Puffin Advisors experienced team can help you throughout the M&A process. From initial due diligence reviews to building and executing integration plans. The result will be smoother program and an ability to achieve faster return on investment (ROI).

Our approach is straightforward and provides benefits throughout the M&A process. A customized plan is developed based on our client’s needs. Plans can include the following points:

  • Analysis of / conducting IT due diligence
  • Review M&A strategic, tactical, and financial goals
  • Provide input to target valuation
  • Develop cost / synergy estimates
  • Risk identification and management
  • Overall M&A program management
  • Develop Change Management plan
  • Day 0 Planning
  • Develop plans integration and post M&A activities
  • Join or form appropriate teams for driving integration
  • Identify addition resources / providers necessary

Contact Puffin Advisors today and let us help your IT organization fly to the right target. Learn how we would approach your unique situation and make lasting and positive impacts. To learn about our other services, please click here.

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