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Interim and Shared CIO Services

Puffin Advisors can help organizations fill CIO openings on an interim basis or longer term, via our interim and shared CIO service. Service needs can vary from a venture firm wanting to rapidly build their IT capabilities, organizations in the midst of M&A activities, and organizations with an unexpected vacancy.

Interim CIO Services

Engagements may span a wide range of circumstances. Examples include providing strategic leadership during periods of transition, addressing crisis situations, or helping an organization that is winding down. Puffin Advisors is proactive and expert in meeting both expressed and implied needs. Interim CIOs concurrently focus on mentoring and development of key employees for future leadership roles.

Our service offers customer access to highly experienced IT professionals with proven business, leadership, and technical skills in a variety of industries. Experience includes managing small and large organizations, some over four hundred people, and budgets in excess of $100M. The service is provided on a time and materials basis and enables clients to expand or contract their use of this service as required.

Shared CIO Services

The Puffin Advisors Shared CIO Service, PASC, is an extension of the Interim CIO service noted above. While the Interim CIO service is transitional in nature and designed for a finite time, the PASC service is long term in nature.

As with the Interim service, this service is provided on a flexible time and materials basis. This approach allows for elasticity to meet specific needs.

At the service initiation, an overall assessment of the organization is conducted. Gaps are identified and plans established to move the organization forward in alignment with organizational needs.

PASC enables access to executive experience they may not normally be able to attract and retain. PASC also leverages experience with other organizations and industries thereby providing broader perspectives into each organization. Like the Interim CIO model, staff also benefit from mentoring and development,

These services can also be applied to roles beyond the CIO or VP of Information Technology. Other senior IT roles may benefit as well. We will be happy to work with you in addressing your specific situation.

Contact Puffin Advisors today and let us help your IT organization fly to the right target. Learn how we would approach your unique situation and make lasting and positive impacts. To learn about our other services, please click here.

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