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Video: Global Puzzle
Video: Global Puzzle

Puffin Advisors is a Boston based IT Consulting firm providing clients with proven and experienced global executive insight. We work with organizations seeking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their technology investments.  We understand how effective organizations operate and how to apply those lessons to the our clients’ needs. From internal IT organizations to commercial Software/Product Development teams, Puffin Advisors can help.

Information Technology (IT) is the lifeblood of today’s top performing organizations from both the operational and strategic perspectives. With this reliance, the challenges facing today’s CIOs have never been greater.  Providing high quality, cost effective solutions 7×24 is expected.  A continuous improvement culture is required to recognize and act upon opportunities to improve execution efficiency.

Strategically, CIOs need lead in the identification of technology “enabled” risks, competition, or new opportunities. Operational and strategic planning are other areas that benefit from CIO input. For example, IT should be a major consideration during merger and acquisition (M&A) planning.

To meet these expectations, IT organizations must be at the top of their game; a result enabled by strength across the key dimensions of people, process, technology and overall strategy.  Puffin Advisors has a range of services to help organizations achieve and maintain this peak performance.

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General Management Consulting and IT Consulting services are also available.  Other IT services include IT governance, vendor evaluations, and program management.

Puffin Advisors believes that knowledge plus experience equals wisdom.  Coupled with a hefty dose of common sense, it is Wisdom that allows Puffin Advisors to be your valued partner. Let Puffin help your organization assemble all the pieces to reach and exceed your targets.

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Give Puffin a call today and let us help your IT organization fly to the right target!

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